• Kilohearts Ultimate包含大量效果,可以作为DAW中的常规插件使用,可以在任何主机中任意组合和模块化。体验效果和主机插件之间无限组合的灵活性。这些插件中有数百家专业工厂预设,来自世界各地(但大多来自德国)的各种预设专业创作者和艺术家。只有阶段植物有超过400个精心选择的预设,可以在您开始修改和创建自己的预设之前启动。

  • 插件介绍
    Kilohearts Ultimate包含大量效果,可以作为DAW中的常规插件使用,可以在任何主机中任意组合和模块化。体验效果和主机插件之间无限组合的灵活性。

    Premium plugins
    Snap Heap
    Phase Plant
    Disperser, FRI
    The Faturator
    Carve EQ
    Slice EQ
    kHs ONE
    SnapIn plugins
    3-Band EQ, Bitcrush, Chorus, Comb Filter, Compressor,
    Convolver, Delay, Distortion, Dynamics, Ensemble,
    Filter, Flanger, Formant Filter, Frequency Shifter,
    Gain, Gate, Haas, Ladder Filter, Limiter,
    Nonlinear Filter, Phase Distortion, Phaser, Pitch Shifter,
    Resonator, Reverb, Reverser, Ring Mod, Stereo,
    Tape Stop, Trance Gate, Transient Shaper
    The Phase Plant banks
    Animus by Tom Wolfe
    Astral Beings by Dash Glitch
    Bass Forge by Nasko
    Book of the Dead by Kill the Noise
    Cheat Code by Pegboard Nerds
    Crisis Design by MUST DIE!
    Hardwire by New Loops
    Headline by New Loops
    I’mmortal by Oddiction
    Impossible by Oddiction
    Microwave Proof by Camellia
    New London by New Loops
    On the Floor by AVT
    Polychrome by Andrew Huang
    Suspension by emptyvessel
    the Tremor by Arovane
    Slate Digital Presets for Snap Heap & Multipass

    VST 2, VST 3, AAX, Audio Unit

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